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Looking for that special frame?

What do we sell?

We have everything from full plastic and metal frames to completely rimless frames. To better see what we have in stock feel free to drop in anytime and browse our large selection. You can also check out the links below to get a sense of the major brands that we carry in store.

Interested in Contacts?


Come in and see our optician to get fitted for contact lenses. With the wide variety of brands and styles out there we are sure to find the one that is right for you. Contacts come in daily, bi-weekly, and monthly styles depending on how you plan to wear them. ​

Think you can't wear contacts because you have bifocals or progressives? You might be able to use multifocal contacts which combine the distance and reading part of your prescription. Monovision contacts may even be an option for you as well. 

What else is there?


In addition to our vast and exciting collection of imported eyewear, we also provide you with the best optical products from around the globe. Our specialties include:


- The newest in digital and freeform progressive lense technology

- Silicon hydrogel contact lenses

- Quality designer sunwear

- Prescription safety eyewear

- Optical lab with repair and soldering services

- Eye exams arranged on premises

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